When you search my blog Food Stories from Gascony- the word cassoulet appears in 126 different posts. That means that over the last eleven years I have written about cassoulet at least ten times a year. There are dozens of photographs, various recipes, and lots of references to beans, cooking, and even cassoulet pots. So once again, I revisit the iconic cassoulet posts to let you know that now you can buy both Cassoulet Beans AND the Book from my favorite Bean Guru Steve Sando at Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans.


This is the same book I self-published last year, but with more photographs and a easy to read design by Rancho Gordo Press, Napa Valley CA. Interested in organzing a Global Cassoulet Supper this winter? I’ll be in CA, NV, TX & MX in December and January. Leave a message or use our contact form to drop me a line.

And to encourage your Cassoulet efforts- here’s a little preview of Cassoulet: A French Obsession.

For more information pop over to Rancho Gordo and buy a copy of the book.