Preserving + Pantry = Confit de Foie Gras


A tale of many jars begins and ends in a round robin of preserving and Canning-at-Camont. Last September, we made our first batch of Confit de Canard for the 2012 season. 60 Years ago there was water above the stove.…

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A week of cooking duck in Gascony


From fat markets (no, not us the ducks, silly!) to charcuterie meccas, foie gras to smoked magret to cassoulet, this week has been a celebration of good Southwestern cooking, Camont style. This is what we made in one week of…

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The Golden Egg- chicken love.


These warm fall days inspire lots of things- flanning along the canal, browsing old magazines, sorting the summer pantry… but real work? No, thanks. I’ll look around and stay outside to do some garden chores. It’s been dry since April. …

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Camp Confit Preview


[tylr-slidr userID=”49767366@N00″ groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] Making confit de canard or preserved duck is a Gascon winter kitchen game of duck, duck, goose. Although I posted these pix on my old blog now referred to as ‘The Archives’, I wanted to share these…

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