Preserving + Pantry = Confit de Foie Gras


A tale of many jars begins and ends in a round robin of preserving and Canning-at-Camont. Last September, we made our first batch of Confit de Canard for the 2012 season. 60 Years ago there was water above the stove.…

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A week of cooking duck in Gascony


From fat markets (no, not us the ducks, silly!) to charcuterie meccas, foie gras to smoked magret to cassoulet, this week has been a celebration of good Southwestern cooking, Camont style. This is what we made in one week of…

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Camp Confit Preview


[tylr-slidr userID=”49767366@N00″ groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] Making confit de canard or preserved duck is a Gascon winter kitchen game of duck, duck, goose. Although I posted these pix on my old blog now referred to as ‘The Archives’, I wanted to share these…

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