2015 Programs at Camont

B&C wall w apron

Along with my new teaching kitchen, new version of this website is nearly finished, but I couldn’t wait any longer! Here are the dates for all programs- from an Introductory Kitchen Charcuterie to our 4 week long French Farmstead Butchery & Charcuterie for those wishing to start a business, discover whole hog farmstead charcuterie, or just understand the Old World traditions of seam butchery for charcuterie. There are also lots of Cooking-at-Camont days for those longing to learn how to make a true Cassoulet, master the easy all butter French pastry for tartes and tourtes, or just enjoy the gracious art de vivre at Camont’s terrace table. And to tempt the adventurous traveler, I am planning a couple Roadtrips as well: Mexico in March and Basquelandia in the April.

2015 Programs

  • April 29- Cooking at Camont-The Spring Sessions!
  • April 12- One week Introduction to Kitchen Charcuterie
  • April 19- Basquelandia Roadtrip- France & Spain
  • May 11- Savory Spoon Special Week in Gascony
  • May 24- One week Introduction to Kitchen Charcuterie
  • June 3, 17- Cooking at Camont- Summer Sessions
  • June 21-  One week Introduction to Kitchen Charcuterie- Special Chef’s Edition
  • July 1, 15 – Cooking at Camont- Summer Sessions
  • Aug 5- Cooking at Camont- Summer Sessions
  • Sept 7- 4 week French Farmstead Butchery & Charcuterie- Full
  • Oct 11-24 US Workshops: Chicago, Oklahoma City, Traverse City & Grrls Meat Camp Rendezvous
  • Nov 2- 4 week French Farmstead Butchery & Charcuterie- Full

Need to know more? Just write me a note or leave a comment here. Now, about that new website…  Stay tuned!



French Summer Fun at Camont

What were we doing last year at Camont? It was a big year for cherries, gatherings and a lot of cooking. This year the cherries are less abundant but the spirit of summer cooking makes up for it. We (Felix, Steph and I) are foraging the farthest corners of Camont and finding: some cherries for vinegar shrubs, the last of the elder-flowers for sirops, tender grapes leaves to brine, roses for Turkish delight,  and ever present nettles for tea.

I love these iPhone pics that Kate Fletcher took last year as Dorothy from Jauntsetter  and I made a version of my favorite Goat Cheese Tarte with Olive Oil pastry laid on a bed of grape leaves, topped with olives and walnuts. Like a giant Gascon Dolmas, it fed our ever expanding party accompanied by a pitchers of cold Rose and icy Pastis.

Take a look around your garden or neighborhood and see what you can find. I call it Frontdoor Foraging.  Here’s the schedule of Summer events at Camont!

  • July 2-6         Summer School Basix. Think of Camp-4-Cooks! join a small group each morning in the French garden and kitchen for a few hours of cooking fun. Day Camp or Sleep Over. Just 600 euros per person- for five half-days including lunch.
  • July 13-15     Food, Foto & Fun!  This is a overlapping weekend- our serious Natural Light Natural Food photography workshop with Tim Clinch AND a light-hearted tribute to the Bastille Breakout with Summer Breakfast Camp Cook-up.
  • August 4-5  How to Bake Bread with Em.  This is the only French workshop offered by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou and based on his award winning book. A perfect time to earn your real bread badge.
  • August 11      Kate’s Keeping Kitchen.  A one day introduction to filling your French pantry with summer sun in a jar.
  • Private Day Classes are available each week upon request- for more info click here!






Thanks to the lovely Kate Fletcher for the lovely pictures!

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Could this be your Perfect Pig on an October morning?

free range Frenhc pigs

The Agen market is full of surprises on a perfect fall morning.

Today, shopping for quince, cress, and cilantro I ran into a drove of pigs.

Free-range, pasture-raised French pigs.

pigs in forest

Like a stage setting, simplicity itself- one knife, a cleaver, a wooden block,

bacon boy

& a smile.

Julien Veyrac

of Tournon d’Agenais


No one was more surprised than me to meet the new butcher boy on the block

and discover some damn good looking charcuterie and fresh pork.

Merci, Julien for taking over the family farm.

See you next Wednesday for your andouillette-

my secret ingredient for an onctuous cassoulet.

producer of pasture-raised pigs

Wednesdays- Agen Central Market

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