le weekends at Camont: the friends sessions


Remember those special times when Bob and George and Willie got together and jammed all night? Or the Duke dropped by with his entourage for a mid-summer masquerade fest? How about when your favorite friends showed up with a hamper full of…

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May Day ~ Mayday ~ M’aider: in a pickle


May Day. All is quiet this early morning but the vast aviary outside my kitchen door. In France, this first seasonal holiday, Labor Day, is the promise of Summer to be. Although it still smacks of worker’s right and labor issues,…

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Can U Garden? The French Potager part 1.


My secrets to planting a successful French Potager or kitchen canning garden this year? Perfect Spring weather. Dense soil left dormant all winter as chickens did daily slug and poop patrols. Kitchen window fertilizer. The first two are easy to…

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Dog days… too hot to cook.


About the coolest place on this Gascon planet is under the oak trees, in the ‘parc’ between the boule-au-drome and potager, within earshot of the chicken yard (tais-toi, Henri IV, it’s middle of the afternoon already!). That just happens to…

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