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In France, whole carcass charcuterie is the standard way to make money, use all the meat, and celebrate the deliciousness of le Cochon.  In this special workshop, we ignore the first four quarter primals and concentrate on the fifth. Kate Hill, cook, author, and teacher introduces you to a once forgotten French repertoire of classic charcuterie that celebrates the lowly cuts and bottom trim from trotters to tails to head. This is where value added products shine, from the lip-smacking paté de tête or headcheese, to paquets de pied, caul fat wrapped bundles of trotter meat, learn the curing and cooking techniques to transform the head and offal into delicious small bites of French pig love.

10:00-4:00 includes a lunch break

The workshop will explain and teach (demonstration and hands-on) the following value added products:

Paté de Tête X 3

    • Le Cinq en Torchon,
    • Pig Cheek Nems
    • Silky Pig Purses

Paquets & Pieds- caramelized bundles of juicy trotter meat with a reduced vinaigrette

Fricandaux- a classic liver and jowl paté wrapped in Caul fat

Crepinettes Plus- how to use caul fat

Sweetheart Pie: how to use the heart, liver & kidneys with a hot water pastry made with lard

Courses Available for booking for groups and private functions.

Course Details
  • 10:00am-4:00pm
  • available for booking

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