Summer Cooking Days at Camont

  • 6 hours
  • 295€ per day
  • June 19-23

  Summer Cooking at Camont, day by day, is what we do to celebrate our favorite month of the year! Easy French pastry cooking classes, French vegetable cooking from soups to main courses from my garden and markets, working with…

Food Photography Workshop with Tim Clinch- Food Stories from Gascony

  • 5 Days
  • 2900 €uros
  • June 13-18 2017; September 19-24 2017

Food photography in France tells a timeless yet modern story-amazing food, classic stone and old linen surroundings, and sparkling morning light. Working alongside award winning photographer Tim Clinch is an life-enhancing experience. For twenty years I have cooked and created, styled and…

Camp Charcuterie: France

  • 5 Days
  • 2950€
  • June 26-30 2017; October 2-6 2017

Camp Charcuterie: France. Discover the foundations of Old World flavor and New World techniques as we make traditional French charcuterie in France. New to the game? Or want to brush up your skills? Maybe just explore the deep roots of…

Insider’s Gascony: Cook with me at Camont & Chateau de Mazelières

  • 7 days / 6 nights
  • 3950€ (double occupancy; single supplement 750€)
  • May 21-27; September 10-16

Insider’s Gascony is a food lover’s discovery of Gascony, that part of France known as the potager or “kitchen garden.”  I have been cooking this good food grown in Southwest France at Camont, my French farmhouse kitchen, and teaching cooking classes…